“Visibility, Feedback & Internationalisation”: Jan Senn from EET looking back on winning the 2020 Solar Startup Award

For the fourth year in a row,  SolarPower Europe is  searching for  the brightest business ideas in the sector. At the  virtual  SolarPower Summit 2021,  the  4th annual Solar Startup Award will honour small, early-career startups with the world’s brightest solar business ideas. This year will also feature the launch of two new awards for sustainability and gender equality in solar.  

In 2020, the Austrian startup  EET (Efficienct Energy Technology)  impressed the jury with their SolMate product, an innovative solar mini-system that can be plugged into a power socket and store energy from solar panels. EET also produces panels that can be installed on rooftops, gardens, balconies, and windows. 

We asked Jan Senn, CMO & Sales at EET, a few questions about his experience and any advice he had for new applicants. 

  1. Can  you tell us a little bit about  your SolMate product and how it works? 

SolMate is a photovoltaic and storage system, which can be installed by anyone by simply plugging it in. SolMate consists of 5 lightweight, flexible photovoltaic panels and a small storage device. The panels are put on a wall, over a balcony railing, on a fence, anything you can think of, and connected to the storage device. The storage is then plugged into a regular socket. 

SolMate produces renewable electricity and providing it to your household when you need it, due to the integrated measurement technology. As such, SolMate provides decarbonized, decentralized and digitalized energy to any household. In the event of a power failure, SolMate has a built-in emergency power supply. 

2. How  does  SolMate change the solar consumption landscape? What innovative solutions does  it open up that weren’t there before? 

The biggest advantage of SolMate is its simplicity. No technician or installer is needed for the 30-50-minute installation. SolMate allows even city dwellers, who do not have their own roof available for solar power production, to operate a solar system with their own electricity storage. A terrace or balcony is quite sufficient for solar power production. The integrated measuring technology analyzes the power consumption in the household and feeds the required amount of power into the socket. The rest flows into the storage unit. In the event of a power failure, the integrated emergency power supply continues to provide electricity for the most important consumers. 

3. Why did you first apply for the  Solar Startup Award?  

The SolarPower Summit is widely recognized as one of most important energy events. Due to the high number of industry representatives from all major energy players from across the EU and beyond, the Solar Startup Award brings high visibility and great opportunities for networking. 

4. What was the highlight of the  experience? 

The highlight of the Summit was the high-caliber participants and decision-makers with whom we were able to exchange ideas and whose experience we were able to benefit from. 

5. What advice would you give to  applicants of the Startup Award? 

Participating in the Startup Award was a great experience. The Summit gave us a boost in visibility as well as fantastic and constructive feedback regarding the next steps toward internationalisation. You will get great support and profit a lot from this event. We can recommend this event to any young startup; you will definitely not regret participating, and we wish you all the best! 

Learn more and apply for the Solar Startup Award here


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