We offer various traineeship opportunities to university and high-school students who require work experience to complete their courses.

As a trainee you will gain first-hand insight into SolarPower Europe’s activities and contribute to the associations work to make solar the leading contributor to Europe’s energy system. The tasks performed by you as a trainee are supervised and differ according to the unit you join. We have regular traineeship openings in policy, business development, market intelligence, events and communications.

To apply for a traineeship, please send your CV and cover letter to We look forward to hearing from you!

Without the support of the SolarPower Europe team, I would not have had the opportunity to work in the field of the energy transition and continue my career in European policy making.

Thomas Lewis, Policy traineeship 2020-2021

Traineeship stories

Omar Hatoum

Policy and Market traineeship 2020

What was your role at SolarPower Europe?

During my Master’s degree in Renewable Energy at Ecole Polytechnique, I did a 6-months internship at SolarPower Europe as a Policy and Market Advisor.


Why did you apply for the position at SolarPower Europe?

After acquiring strong technology and scientific background in the energy domain from my Master’s degree, I wanted to join SolarPower Europe to learn more about policy and market analysis to diversify my experience.


What were your main tasks?

I was involved in market analysis around SolarPower Europe’s flagship publication, the Global Market Outlook & the EU Market Outlook, alongside my policy analysis role on grid integration and the National Energy & Climate Plans.


What did you enjoy the most about working at SolarPower Europe?

I enjoyed working at SolarPower Europe with a highly dynamic, flexible and motivated team who are passionate to learn and grow their expertise while also making a positive impact on the energy transition.


What did you find most challenging?

The most challenging part of my job was the diversity of my tasks where I was involved in several policy and market intelligence projects at the same time. However, this was an exciting and fast-paced working experience that helped me grow and learn faster. 


How has the SolarPower Europe traineeship helped your career?

From my internship at SolarPower Europe, I acquired solid analytical and communication skills on energy markets and policies which helped me join a leading company in the energy transition to work as a Financial and Market Analyst as part of their Energy Talent Program

Alexia Pedo Lopes

Event Management Traineeship 2018

What was your role at SolarPower Europe? 

I was an Event Management Intern working with the best and sweetest supervisor Charlotte and in the team led by Daniel at the time. 


Why did you apply for the position at SolarPower Europe?

I was finishing my MBA at KU Leuven when I applied and I always enjoyed working with events, so I decided to try an internship in the area. I wanted to work for a fast paced and growing organization as well, which is why SolarPower Europe was the perfect fit. Alongside, I always believed in working for organizations you believe in or believe in what they are doing, and I definitely believe in sustainability and renewable energies and I was excited about working to help the sector grow.


What were your main tasks at SolarPower Europe? 

Pre-event: Organization, travel bookings, communication with speakers coming to events, making sure website was updated. During event: make sure everything was running as expected. Post - event: follow up with speakers and attendees.


What did you enjoy the most about working at SolarPower Europe? 

Definitely the people! Everyone is super friendly and open-minded. I miss the team a bunch. One of the best places I have worked for. We worked hard but we also had a great time together.  


What did you find most challenging? 

I would say events are always unexpected, so dealing with something you cannot plan for is a challenge. But that was part of the job, so I did not have a problem with it. 


How has the SolarPower Europe traineeship helped your career? 

It was definitely a great place to start my career and it provided me with the skillset to grow my career as a young adult at the time. I would say working in an international environment, learning from different and diverse backgrounds, was also an enriching experience professionally. Besides, I had great mentors throughout the way who always provided great feedback and made me a better professional, and those are people I still look up to!

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