Supply Chain Sustainability

Supply chain sustainability is of ever-growing importance as the energy transition progresses.

Establishing sustainable and robust supply chains is crucial to enable a just transition to clean energy. The industry must respond to consumers and regulators demand for increasingly sustainable products on the origin of materials and components. The SCS Workstream is developing the Solar Stewardship Initiative (SSI), a solar-specific sustainability assurance programme which combines supply chain integrity with enhanced ESG performance.

The SSI is currently the only solution that brings together the whole solar industry in Europe to ensure the energy transition is just, inclusive and respects human rights.

The SCS Workstream amplifies and highlights its members’ sustainability efforts.

The SSI has the potential to become the sustainability standard for the solar sector. Members of the SCS Workstream can contribute to its development from an early stage.

The SCS Workstream will help its members prepare for upcoming legislation on responsible supply chains (e.g. Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive and Forced Labour Product Ban)

The Supply Chain Sustainability workstream

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The Supply Chain Sustainability Workstream brings together expertise from the whole industry to define a common approach to sustainability and supply chain transparency.

Its main aim is to develop and oversee the full roll-out of the Solar Stewardship Initiative.

At the same time, the SCS Workstream will monitor and coordinate advocacy efforts on legislative proposals for responsible supply chains.

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Our major accomplishments

Supply Chain Sustainability accomplishments

  • Since its launch in July 2021, the SCT Workstream has been working intensively on developing the Solar Stewardship Initiative (SSI) which was launched on 4 October 2022. The project aims to enhance transparency and sustainability across the solar supply chain, with the primary objective of monitoring social and environmental impacts along the supply chain. 
  • The SSI has obtained the support of over 50 organisation covering the entire value chain and has the support of leading international financial institutions (including European Investment Bank and International Finance Corporation – World Bank Group).
  • In addition, the SCT Workstream has contributed to the European Commission’s public consultations on the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive proposal and the Forced Labour Ban proposal. 
Interview with Ozer Ergul, chair of workstream

Full transparency, which will enable a sustainable solar value chain, is only possible with stakeholder collaboration that is solely based on trust. Although our solar products and projects are simpler than any other sources of energy, our supply chain has complex and cross-cultural challenges which can only be overcome through joint problem-solving efforts with sense of urgency and unity. We should un-chain the supply and let solar products, services, and funds to flow to projects to generate electrons.

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