European Solar Day

Mobilising a ray of solar action

The European Solar Day is an annual celebration taking place on the 21st of June, the brightest and longest day of the year, to bring people together across Europe and celebrate the power and potential of the sun. It's the European day of action for the solar sector, a day of unity and hope.
Why do we need a European Solar Day?

Solar energy is the most affordable clean energy technology in Europe. From Poland to Portugal, Sweden to Spain, solar is empowering millions of Europeans today. How? By enabling people to produce their own clean energy it helps save on energy bills and reduce CO2 emissions.  No other technology is set to transform our lives as much as solar... 

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This collaborative initiative is led by SolarPower Europe, working alongside a diverse range of organisations and associations to raise awareness about the benefits of solar, and create a powerful movement for a solar-powered Europe. 

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The European Solar Day campaign is brought to you in partnership with over 30 cross-sector organisations.
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Amalia Speleta
Communications Campaign Advisor

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