Digitalisation is changing the energy world from today into tomorrow. The European energy transition and the digital transition will go hand in hand – and policymakers must think smart and provide solutions for a fully flexible energy system based on zero marginal cost solar power.

Solar is already contributing to a sustainable energy system and will be crucial for the success of the European energy transition as it empowers citizens and offers them new ways of selling, controlling, and gaining revenue from solar smart installations. Digitalisation also contributes the successful integration of all sectors of the economy, providing solar companies with a whole new world to explore.

The Digitalisation workstream

Digitalisation workstream

The aim of the Digitalisation and Solar Workstream is to ensure that the solar sector in Europe takes the opportunities arising from the digitalisation of the energy system.

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"Digitalisation will bring the energy transition into a new dynamic. Smart metering, secure communication and customer-oriented services will shape the future of the energy market."

Eric Quiring ,SMA and Chair of the Digitalisation workstream

Interview with Eric Quiring, chair of the Digitalisation Workstream

On the way to a decarbonized energy world, the level of digitalisation will be the unique selling point. Solar energy as the major pillar of the new energy world has the capabilities and therefor the responsibility for the system.

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