Rising job opportunities in solar

Solar power is set to become Europe’s main source of energy before the end of the decade. Solar is one of the most job-creating energy technologies and could create 4 million jobs across Europe by 2050. To meet this enormous job potential, it is urgent to mobilise the workforce with the right skills to facilitate the energy transition.

To address this challenge, SolarPower Europe partnered with Grow with Google, an initiative to help people get the skills they need to find a job, grow their career or business, to create the #SolarWorks campaign. This programme aims to showcase the diverse range of careers in the solar sector and connect potential solar workers with the right training to get them started. 


EuropeOn, the European association for electrical contractors, has also been an important partner for this campaign, since electrical contractors are a key aspect of the solar chain. 


Let’s get to work! Have a look the video below to learn more about the solar potential. 

To inspire the future solar workforce, we produced videos in the solar markets where we expect major solar growth in the coming years: France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Spain. We visited these countries and talked to solar workers about their experience and advice on how to start a career in solar. The video series tells the stories of current solar workers on various sites, from an agri-PV plant, floating solar installation to manufacturing facility, where they share their experience and advice on kickstarting a solar career. 

Have a look at the #SolarWorks pilot video below!

#SolarWorks in Europe

This campaign aims to mobilise the future solar workforce and help guide those interested in joining the sector with reskilling. We invite you to have a look at the campaign page which shows all the information about working in solar and relevant trainings to get started in the solar sector here

#SolarWorks Launch & Networking Event


We officially launched the #SolarWorks campaign at the new SolarPower Europe offices in October 2022. Stefano Grassi, Head of Cabinet for Commission Vice-President Kadri Simson, gave a keynote speech applauding the project and highlighting the importance of solar to power the energy transition.


See the photos from the #SolarWorks launch event below.

SolarPower Europe's campaign will accelerate much-needed recruitment for green jobs, and help maximise the potential of the European solar industry.

Stefano Grassi

Head of Cabinet of Commissioner for Energy

With this campaign, we want to show that there is a career for everyone in solar and help those interested find their new sustainable mission.

Walburga Hemetsberger

CEO of SolarPower Europe

This is an exciting time to join this fast-evolving trade where 270.000 new professionals will need to be hired across Europe by 2030.

Julie Beaufils

Secretary General of EuropeOn

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Sien Van de Wiele
Project and Communications Officer

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