Our Team

Leading the Energy Transition


Walburga Hemetsberger


Dries Acke

Policy Director

Daniel Dang

Director Business Development

Michael Schmela

Executive Advisor and Director of Market Intelligence

Judy Gould

Chief Financial Officer

Kristina Thoring

Communications Director

Máté Heisz

Director of Global Affairs

Policy & Market Intelligence

Naomi Chevillard

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Raffaele Rossi

Head of Market Intelligence

Arthur Daemers

Policy Advisor

Jan Osenberg

Policy Advisor

Lina Dubina

Project Coordinator for Sustainability

Jonathan Bonadio

Senior Policy Advisor

Christophe Lits

Market Analyst

Jonathan Gorremans

Market Intelligence Intern

Carmen Correas López

Junior Policy Advisor on Manufacturing

Catarina Augusto

Senior Technical Advisor

Lorena García Lorenzo

Policy Intern


Bethany Meban

Senior Press and Communications Advisor

Sien Van de Wiele

Project & Communications Officer

Lily Murdoch

Digital Communications Advisor

Yana Antiukhova

Office and Communications Coordinator

Thérèse O Donoghue

Press and Communications Advisor

International Cooperation

Alexia Ruvoletto

Senior Policy Advisor on Trade

Benjamin Clarke

Business Analyst, International Cooperation

Dan Sokolov

Project Assistant

Research and Development / Secretariat ETIP-PV

Thomas Garabetian

R&I Manager

Hanna Dittmar

Junior Project Officer

Business Development

Manuele Poli

Business Development Manager

Lluis Manso Matachana

Senior Business Development Officer

Victoria Angelova

Business Development Assistant

Louise Tydgadt

Business development intern

Events & Marketing

Charlotte Otten

Head of Events & Marketing

Lorena Morales González

Marketing Manager

Chiara Mantovano

Events Assistant

Beatrice Fernandez

Events Intern

IT and Finance

Juan Carlos Cárdenas Oliva

Finance and Administration Officer

Yuliya Panych

Accounting and Administration Assistant