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Our vision for solar in the next 5 years
Solar power is the energy of the future. Soon, solar will be the largest source of electricity in the EU. In 2022, the EU installed more than 40 GW of solar capacity - equivalent to powering 12 million more EU homes. With the right policy action, solar can reach, and even outperform, REPowerEU ambitions for 2025 and beyond. In our manifesto, SolarPower Europe calls for concrete steps, drawing attention to five priorities for the EU energy agenda in the next five years.
5 key benefits
Solar for the climate
1 Solar for the climate
In 2022, solar generated 203 TWh of electricity across the EU, saving 45 MtCO2eq of emissions, and 300 MtCO2eq in total in the last ten years. By 2030, solar could reduce Europe’s emissions by 180 MtCO2eq per year, the equivalent of the current emissions of the Netherlands.
Solar for competitiveness
2 Solar for competitiveness
The world’s clean technology value chains will be worth over €600 billion by 2030. The European solar sector could employ 1 million workers in 2025.
Solar for the people
3 Solar for the people
A solar PV system could save households up to €1250 annually, and up to €1800 with a heat pump, on an average household electricity bill.
Solar for energy security
4 Solar for energy security
Solar saved Europe almost €9 billion in fossil fuel imports in summer 2022. Under EU targets, by 2030, 55 million solar PV panels are set to be manufactured in Europe each year, creating enough capacity to power 9 million more homes annually.
Solar for nature
5 Solar for nature
Nature-positive solar power plants are boosting biodiversity by up to 250%. In the face of growing drought, solar supports farmers in reducing evaporation and water needs by up to 30%. Floating solar protects European reservoirs – it can reduce evaporation by 42%.
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10 actions for Solar Power to deliver
Accelerate solar PV deployment
Deliver 2030 targets, in particular by aligning EU financial instruments with climate and energy goals, including a new Green Investment Plan as part of the next EU budget post-2027
Land 2040 targets early-on to give visibility and confidence to investors
Improve solar PV integration in highly electrified energy systems
Propose a new EU Electrification Action Plan, including legislative action on grids, hybrid renewables, prosumers and cybersecurity
Propose a new EU Skills for the Energy Transition strategy
Promote solar solutions in harmony with the environment
Land an urban renewables strategy with cities and communities
Land a rural renewables strategy for ground-mounted and agri-PV with land owners and agriculture constituencies
Embark on an EU-wide renewables communications campaign to ensure public support for the energy transition
Build up diverse and sustainable solar PV supply chains
Substantially increase support for reshoring solar supply chains to Europe
Embark on multiple international partnerships on solar supply chains and raw materials, leveraging the Global Gateway Initiative
Secure EU’s leadership on solar PV innovation by expanding R&I funding
Double R&I funding for innovation in PV, via programmes including Horizon Europe and the European Innovation Council
Watch how solar benefits Europeans
Download the Solar for Europe Manifesto

Through this manifesto, SolarPower Europe calls on concrete steps and draws attention to the five priorities for the European Union energy agenda in the next five years.

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