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Joint letter on an EU Industrial Strategy for Renewables

According to the European Commission’s scenarios, sustained exponential growth of renewable energy capacity is needed in all sectors of the economy – power, transport, industry and buildings – to stand a chance of reaching a net-zero-carbon economy by 2050.

As the European Union becomes increasingly reliant on renewable energy technologies, the development of a robust industrial policy for renewables is critical to ensure Europe’s long-term security of energy supply and technology leadership.

Renewable energy is a job creator in its own right.

 According to IRENA , from 1,2 million direct and indirect jobs in the EU today, renewable energy will create 2.7 million jobs in Europe.


The European renewable industry has enormous potential to grow.

The EU is home to European renewable energy companies and manufacturers which are established global leaders and face increasing competition from other major and emerging economies.


Renewable energy technologies are of strategic importance for a successful transition towards climate-neutrality.

It is urgent to deliver an ambitious industrial strategy for renewables encompassing both supply-side and demand-side policies and enable a “renewable sector-integration”.


Joint letter with IRENA on an EU Industrial Strategy for renewables

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