Letter to Ministers on September Emergency Energy Measures

21 September 2022
On the 30th September, EU Energy Ministers will gather to discuss and adopt extraordinary emergency measures to tackle the current energy crisis. SolarPower Europe maintains that the root cause of the current energy crisis is the high prices of gas. The only way out of the crisis is to tackle this as a priority and keep high investments into alternative electricity generation – renewables.

SolarPower Europe highly welcomes the European Commission proposal for a Council Regulation to tackle the energy price crisis. We strongly believe that the solution to the energy crisis must be European. With that perspective in mind, we therefore regret the possibility kept for member states to introduce national and technology-specific caps on revenues. The only caps should be set in an harmonised way at European level. 


In addition, SolarPower Europe has high concerns around the risks that the current texts creates for Power Purchase Agreements. Although we welcome the political intention to preserve such contracts, the current wording opens the door to a poor implementation of the cap that could in practice jeopardise those contracts. We urge Energy Ministers to ensure that the cap applies on a monthly basis, after the settlement of the exchange of energy, and on the portfolio of generation. 


This letter complements our statement of 7th September 2022. 

SolarPower Europe letter to Energy Ministers

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