Framework for Energy Sharing

6 March 2023: SolarPower Europe White Paper

Energy sharing allows citizens to share self-generated electricity with their neighbourhood on a contractual basis. It complements frameworks for individual self-consumption, energy communities, electricity suppliers, wholesale markets, and flexibility markets
SolarPower Europe White Paper on a Framework for Energy Sharing

A new article on energy sharing should be added to the Electricity Market Directive.

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Energy sharing also unlocks the full value of small-scale solar installations. It increases the self-consumption potential of solar PV installations, and allows off-takers to lower their energy bills. 


To unlock this opportunity, a new article on energy sharing should be added to the Electricity Market Directive. 


We believe it should cover the following elements:


  1. Customers should have the right to share the electricity they self-produce.
  2. Energy sharing should be open to renewables self-consumers.
  3. Participants must have the right to fully or partially transfer the operation of the sharing configuration to a certified representative who is not a participant.
  4. Energy sharing should be limited to matching small-scale, local generation with local consumption. 
  5. Distribution System Operators must facilitate energy sharing by setting up the necessary metering infrastructure.
  6. The National Regulatory Authority should define dedicated, cost-reflective grid tariffs for local energy sharing. 
  7.  Member States must ensure that participants hold their consumer rights.
  8. Sharing energy should not qualify as an activity on electricity markets or as energy supply. 
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