Recommendations for onshore Floating PV

SolarPower Europe Position Paper

The European Commission’s REPowerEU package includes a first-of-its-kind EU Solar Strategy. The strategy sets out an EU solar target of 400 GWdc by 2025, and 750 GWdc by 2030, increasing solar ambition in Europe by 43%. For this reason, the solar sector is central to the European energy transition. Most importantly, the strategy provides the right framework to speed up solar PV energy deployment across Europe. Scaling up Floating PV (FPV) is an opportunity to accelerate the achievement of the EU’s climate and energy objectives and provide solutions to secure a just energy transition.

In this position paper, we outline 4 steps to achieve a successful regulatory framework for accelerating the deployment of floating PV across the EU:

Quality and safety standards

Promote EU-level guidelines for the technical and safety assessments of floating PV installations.



Adapt permitting procedures together with water permitting authorities, particularly to provide guidance on access to water based on water body ownership, and allow dual-use of water bodies.



Incentivise floating PV technology through dedicated auction schemes and innovative tenders.



Provide guidance on environmental impact assessments and support data collection and publication of environmental impacts. 

Recommendations for onshore Floating PV


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