Electricity Market Design Revision

30 January 2023: SolarPower Europe Position Paper

Europe is facing an unprecedented energy crisis. The root cause of this energy crisis is an abnormal increase of gas prices, which the European Commission identifies as the transitional fuel for the EU power system. The crisis has been aggravated by drought causing lower levels of hydropower and an unavailability of the nuclear fleet.
SolarPower Europe Position Paper on Electricity Market Design

Decarbonising the energy system. Empowering citizens and businesses with renewables. Strengthening grids, stabilising markets, and getting flexibility involved.

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This has driven high-level political discussions on the EU Electricity Market Design, including a European Commission public consultation. SolarPower Europe has published a position paper to contribute to debates on electricity market design.



The revision of the EU Electricity Market Design should 


  • Examine how the current design is ensuring the emergence of the right price signals for consumers and generators, while allowing consumers and generators to protect themselves against the volatility of prices in the short-term market;


  • Incentivise investments in renewables by creating as many different routes-to-market as possible to accommodate  different investment profile;


  • Accommodate a high share of renewable generation in the energy mix.


The market design revision process should provide sufficient opportunities for stakeholder feedback. Changes should also not be retroactive, and respect realised investments. The new EU Market Design should make rules clear, and give industry sufficient time to adapt.


This position paper will complement SolarPower Europe's full response to the European Commission public consultation on the file.

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