Adele Ara

Head of Global Business Operations at Lightsource bp and Chair of Lifecycle Quality workstream

1. Why is this workstream important? 

Our industry is maturing, our sites are aging. These days we need more than the sun shining to keep the lights on in a solar power plant. The Lifecycle Quality Workstream is the forum where we collaborate and develop best practices to make the most out of our solar sites for the good of the stakeholders and our planet.


2. Why should companies join this workstream? 

Learn, share and influence. The workstream prides itself in having a wide representation of players across all stages of the project lifecycle and diversity of experience and perspective enriches every meeting. It is a place to share lessons learned, radical ideas, research opportunities and contribute to publications aimed at influencing the wider marketplace.


3. What will the future of lifecycle quality and quality assurance look like?

The foundation of a valuable and effective solar plant starts with the preliminary design and continues throughout every inverter inspection and performance report during its operation. We have much to learn from each other and from our own operational challenges; importantly we have a richer supply of data than ever before to help us with this. We see a future where site data will drive decisions and behaviours, a future where we will equip our sites with state-of-the-art technology and lead a deeper integration with other renewables, the grid, and the market.

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