Eric Quiring

Public Affairs Specialist at SMA and Chair of the Digitalisation

1. Why is this workstream important?

On the way to a decarbonized energy world, the level of digitalisation will be the unique selling point. Solar energy as the major pillar of the new energy world has the capabilities and therefor the responsibility for the system.


2. Why should companies join this workstream?

The energy transition is the largest IT project of all time: The digital transformation of the energy industry is an integral part of the energy transition. More and more energy players are using digital services for new cross-sector business strategies. The data from solar generation and demand side management is growing to the backbone of infrastructure business models.


3. What will the future of digitalisation look like? 

Digitalisation will bring the energy transition into a new dynamic. Smart metering, secure communication and customer-oriented services will shape the future of the energy market. Speed, courage and creativity will play a significant key role in this process. The opportunities of our work is to shape and to be one step ahead the next big thing.

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