Matteo Moraschi

Head of Hydrogen Policies and Markets Analysis at Enel Group and Chair of Renewable Hydrogen workstream

1. Why is this workstream important? 

Hydrogen has been identified by the EU policy makers as a key component for the achievement of net zero by 2050. As a complement to direct electrification, its role will be in the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors, such as heavy industry, shipping and aviation. The upscale of renewable hydrogen being the long-term objective for Europe, this workstream has the ambition to raise the voice of the solar industry to deliver on a truly sustainable hydrogen sector development, with hydrogen from electrolysis with renewable electricity as a priority.

2. Why should companies join this workstream? 

The workstream is an opportunity for companies to influence the development of hydrogen policies in the EU. With an open and fair cooperation among members and the secretariat, regular meetings allow the workstream to position itself on the different files of the EU Green Deal where hydrogen issues are dealt. Sharing of experiences and insights also allows companies to be always updated on the latest novelties.

3. What will the future of the Renewable Hydrogen & Electrification workstream look like? 

One of the greatest advantages of the workstream has been to convene meetings since the start of the discussions on hydrogen in the EU, with the publication of the Hydrogen Strategy in summer 2020. The present and the future of the working group is discussing the different legislative initiatives and proposing amendments to reflect the priority of renewable hydrogen in every single file.

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