Torsten Knop

Torsten Knop, Energy Networks Europe, European Associations at EON and Chair of Grids workstream

1. Why is this workstream important? 

The integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is one of the major challenges to electricity DSO, but it is also an opportunity to build a more decentralised energy system, more resilient and closer to the consumer. Among the most important DER is solar generation, which will see significant growth in the process of decarbonization. Finding optimal solutions for DSO and solar projects including storage that optimize the system is crucial for an efficient energy transition. This unites the different participants in the workstream: together we aim to design an optimal system understanding our different roles and requirements.


2. Why should companies join this workstream? 

Now is the moment to contribute to the future of a decarbonised European energy system. There are various important legislative projects like the Fit-for-55 Package and the Gas Decarbonisation Package. In addition we have to define the conditions for the digitalisation of the energy system. And last but not least, upcoming Network Codes and Implementing Acts will shape the conditions under which we operate. Joining the workstream provides an opportunity to shape these frameworks.


3. What will the future of Grids look like? 

I look forward to attracting more TSO and DSO to SolarPower Europe through the opportunity to participate in the workstream. This would certainly further enhance our discussions and perspectives. In addition I am convinced that we will develop an integrated local and regional perspective on the energy system, where the link between electricity, renewable gases, including hydrogen, and heating solutions can only succeed if the particular needs of distributed solar are taken into account.

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