SolarPower Europe Solidarity with Ukraine

To support Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and the citizens of Ukraine, the German Solar Industry Association (BSW), SolarPower Europe, and the Ukrainian Solar Energy Association (ASEU), are coordinating ‘Solar Supports Ukraine’ campaign to collect €300,000 to finance the installation of solar on schools and hospitals, solar off-grid trailers and solar powerbanks.

As of March 2023, over 4000 educational facilities are damaged; over 1200 health care facilities are decimated; and more than 150,000 residential buildings are destroyed by the atrocious war waged by Russia on Ukraine.


Our goal is to tackle widespread power outages in hospitals and schools with solar power, as a reliable, versatile, and easily deployed clean energy source. You can make a difference right now by helping us provide solar power to the Ukrainians who desperately need it. 


There are two ways you can donate. The first option is through an 'Instant Donation' which you can make by through our GoFundMe page.


The second option is through a 'Corporate Donation’. If you would like to make a more sizeable corporate donation, please get in touch with us. Corporate donors also have the option to adopt an entire project.


Every contribution you make counts towards helping the survival of the Ukrainian people.

Help keep the lights on in Ukraine

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Our Statement
SolarPower Europe condemns the Russian war on Ukraine, and calls on the solar community to mobilize support for Ukrainian resistance

The unprovoked Russian war on Ukraine has shocked the world. As reports of the brutal attacks on the citizens and cities of Ukraine worsen, the European solar sector adds its voice to the strong international condemnation of Russia’s actions. 


As of August 15 2022, there have been at least 13,212 civilian casualties in Ukraine. Around 6.7 million people have been forced to abandon their homes. A small consolation at this time, our most heartfelt sympathies are with the victims and their communities. SolarPower Europe stands in full solidarity with the people of Ukraine. In line with international action to remove Russian influence from democratic forums, SolarPower Europe has taken steps to ensure this is reflected in our membership.


The European Union can only fully support Ukrainian resistance by fully divesting from Russian fossil-fuels: energy policy is security policy. Solar stands ready to accelerate renewable deployment in Europe, with 39 GW of additional solar possible for the continent by the end of 2022, eliminating the need for 4.57 BCM of Russian gas. We call on the EU to set the necessary renewable ambition, and frameworks, to accelerate faster and further away from the Russian fossil-fuel dependency funding this attack on peace. 


Right now, the stability of the Ukrainian electricity grid is severely at risk, with Russian forces deliberately targeting crucial infrastructure. Almost 90% of Ukrainian renewable generation capacity is installed in areas affected by active hostilities. There are registered cases of destruction of solar, and wider energy installations, with reports of equipment theft by Russian forces. The strength and endurance of the Ukraine people depends on power continuing to flow through the country. Solar must mobilise to directly support the Ukrainian authorities, to keep the lights on and sustain communications, medical care, and clean water resources. Solar panels, inverters, batteries, generators of all scales, and other power infrastructure equipment are urgently needed.


The solar sector is built on humanitarian ideals – clean, safe, renewable energy that takes humanity further and makes the world a better place. SolarPower Europe invites our members to stand up for these ideals, and join co-ordinated support efforts through the Ukraine Solar Solidarity Taskforce. 


The Ukraine Solar Solidarity Taskforce is open to all SolarPower Europe members, and will work with the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine (ASEU), together with other European solar organisations, to support Ukraine’s power infrastructure needs. The Taskforce will develop and deliver equipment and expertise to the people on the ground in Ukraine.


Together, the solar community can support a brighter future for Ukraine. 


Слава Україні, Slava Ukraini

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The SolarPower Europe 'Ukraine Solar Solidarity Taskforce' is open to all current SolarPower Europe members, as well as members of European National Solar Associations.  

The Ukraine Solar Solidarity Taskforce will work with the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine (ASEU), and other European solar organisations, to support Ukraine’s power infrastructure needs. The Taskforce will develop and deliver equipment and expertise to the people on the ground in Ukraine.


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