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accelerating the deployment of solar PV manufacturing projects in Europe

SolarPower Europe has launched the “Solar Manufacturing Accelerator”, a platform aimed at accelerating the deployment of solar PV manufacturing projects in Europe as a critical milestone to strengthen the EU’s leadership in Clean Energy Technologies and contribute to the re-industrialisation of Europe.

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The ‘Solar Manufacturing Accelerator’ is an initiative coordinated by SolarPower Europe with the support of its strategic partners ESMC, ETIP-PV, IPVF and now VDMA. It is open to all companies and organisations interested in developing or partnering on solar manufacturing projects. The platform will cover a broad portfolio of European solar manufacturing projects by identifying partners and reaching out to financial investors, with an overall goal of increasing the number of solar PV manufacturing projects in Europe, and contributing to the success of the European Green Deal.

The Solar Manufacturing Accelerator Presents

3Sun Factory

3Sun is a solar cell/module factory located in Catania, Italy, and is 100% owned by Enel. The factory produces heterojunction bifacial cells, one of the most efficient PV technology that currently exists, based on the EU Ampere project, supported by H2020.

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5GW + Green Fab

The proposed 5GW+ Green Fab production capacities of 5 GW advanced PERC and IBC high-efficiency cells and modules aims to contribute to strengthening the solar industry in Europe in the most sustainable and cost-efficient way possible.

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ARMOR Solar Films

The French company Armor Group is the global market leader of Thermal Transfer ribbons (traceability services). Based on the group’s core competencies in ink formulation and roll-to-roll processing, ARMOR began an R&D project in 2010 that is focused on the conception and manufacturing of organic photovoltaic films (OPV), the 3rd-generation of solar technology.

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Genuine Europe Solar

Genuine Europe Solar will create the complete manufacturing value chain for premium PV end-products: wafers, cells, and modules. The project involves scaling up the existing manufacturing line to a 2 GW production facility of bifacial, heterojunction crystalline silicon modules, with an already proven 24.14% efficiency.

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MCPV - Connected PV Manufacturing

MCPV is developing an EU manufacturing platform that aligns the European solar value chain towards sustainable re-industrialization, encompassing the entire solar manufacturing ecosystem, and delivering on the goals of the European Green Deal.

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Meyer Burger

A new innovation cycle is imminent in the solar industry, and the leading technology for next generation PV cells and modules is located right here in Europe, with Meyer Burger. The company’s patent protected Heterojunction/SmartWire technology is more efficient than the current standard Mono-PERC, as well as other heterojunction technologies currently available.

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NexWafe produces highest quality monocrystalline n-type silicon wafers (“EpiNex®”wafers) for high-efficiency solar cell / module production by its proprietary gas-to-wafer process.

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Founded in 2005, NorSun is a producer of premiummonocrystalline silicon ingots and wafers for the high-end PV market, and a long-time supplier to high-efficiency tier-1 solar cell manufacturers.

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Oxford PV

At their current state, silicon PV solar cell technologies will reach their 25% efficiency limit in just a few years. With its efficiency world record established in 2018, Oxford PV’s innovative and proven perovskite-on-silicon tandem cells can break this limit – starting now with 26% efficiency, and on the road to achieving 35% efficiency.

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Sunstyle Gigafactory

Sunstyle® photovoltaic tiles convert conventional roofs into solar energy production. In addition to performing traditional roof functions, Sunstyle® technology combines solar power generation with proven waterproofing and aesthetics, while generating long-term savings for the building.

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“The European Green Deal without a solar value chain in Europe is not sustainable, if we want to achieve not only climate goals, but also bring significant economic benefits to Europeans. Joint efforts to launch a solar manufacturing hub in Europe need initiatives like the ‘Solar Manufacturing Accelerator’. This will create new opportunities in terms of economic growth, job creation and innovation in Europe, as well as investments in R&D"
Rytis Kėvelaitis
Vice Minister at Ministry of Energy of Lithuania
“With the launch of the ‘Solar Manufacturing Accelerator’, SolarPower Europe’s Industrial Strategy Workstream aims to demonstrate the immense contribution of solar PV manufacturing to the European Green Deal, through innovative and cutting-edge products that will create thousands of highly-skilled jobs in Europe. The ambition of the EU Green Deal building on PV as one of the strategic pillars needs to be translated into an Industrial Strategy for European solar manufacturing. For the revival of the PV manufacturing supply chain in Europe, it is important that the EU Commission and the member states support European companies with easier access to globally-competitive financing conditions, and through enabling the appropriate economic framework to run a successful operation.”
Dr. Christian Westermeier
Chairman of SolarPower Europe’s Industrial Strategy Workstream
“The EU is writing today its history for the next 30 years. It is of strategic importance to re-industrialise the EU with solar manufacturing capacities. Akuo, through its Sunstyle International sub-branch, is producing in France innovative and aesthetic solar tiles which embody the next generation of solar generation. With this new initiative led by SolarPower Europe, we will align all forces and demonstrate that the EU is in the starting blocks to repower our industry.”
Eric Scotto
CEO of Akuo
“World-class research as available in Europe is crucial for the longer-term success of manufacturing initiatives in the highly competitive and rapidly innovating PV sector. ETIP-PV has always connected research and industry and is happy to do so in the Accelerator as well.”
Marko Topic
Chairman of ETIP-PV
"The VDMA Study together with FhG-ISE had shown, that a PV production of Wafer, Cells and Modules can be economically competitive. In the meantime, there are numerous initiatives like the “Solar Manufacturing Accelerator” to rebuild PV production in Europe. The VDMA and its members support the re-establishment of a leading, competitive photovoltaic production in Europe, as we already mentioned in our press release. To achieve the climate goals, we need a successful European R&D program focused on markets, but also a development of framework conditions ensuring fair level playing fields, financial stability and sustainability of the resulting ecosystem, integrated into the European circular economy. All these collaborative platforms like “Solar Manufacturing Accelerator” are very helpful.”
Dr Jutta Trube
Vice Managing Director Electronics, Micro and New Energy Production Technologies & Division Manager Photovoltaic Equipment at VDMA
“We strongly believe that scaling up research and innovation investments is key to fostering the development of solar manufacturing in Europe and untapping its full potential, from both an environmental and economic point of view. Since its beginning, IPVF has been committed to developing cutting-edge industrial production processes and breakthrough technologies that pave the way for the strategic takeoff of the solar industry in Europe. We are very enthusiastic to work with SolarPower Europe and other actors from the ‘Solar Manufacturing Accelerator’ platform to propose concrete initiatives that would positively accompany this strategic value chain in its future expected growth.”
Roch Drozdowski-Strehl
“Meyer Burger has recently launched an initiative to revitalise solar PV manufacturing in Europe at GW scale using our advanced PV technology. The ‘Solar Manufacturing Accelerator’ is a novel way to support European companies taking manufacturing projects forward, that can boost the EU green economy and increase energy security on the continent. This is the perfect time to re-establish a thriving solar PV manufacturing industry in Europe, which can play a key role in revitalising our economies after the coronavirus pandemic with future-oriented technologies designed to combat the climate crisis. Now, what we urgently need to make it happen, is the right policy framework and the right incentives to allow European solar PV manufacturing to truly take off.”
Gunter Erfurt,
CEO of Meyer Burger
"The ‘Solar Manufacturing Accelerator’ is a great initiative that aims to support highspeed solar development in Europe. We need an accelerated pace of deployment in order to achieve the energy goals laid out in the European Green Deal. The excellent study by SolarPower Europe and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) demonstrated that in 20 years, solar will provide more than 60% of energy to the European system. We cannot wait any longer to ensure that this target is achieved. An important step was made at the ESMC General assembly, with the announcement of a new possible 2 GW factory in France. This is the kind of projects we need to kick off the new solar age!”
Eicke Weber
Co-Chair of ESMC

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