Yes to 45% RES

To fight the climate crisis, the EU needs an at least 45% renewables target by 2030

Why we need a 45% RES target by 2030:

  • The IPCC has warned that we are entering code red for humanity: 2°C warming will be exceeded within this century unless we make deep reductions in GHG emissions. We need to act now to accelerate the clean energy transitionan at least 45% renewable energy target will ensure the EU meets its international climate commitments. 
  • While through the European Green Deal the European Union is making important progress, more ambition is needed. The 40% renewable energy target by 2030 proposed by the European Commission is a step in the right direction, but we must go further and faster. A 40% renewable target is incompatible with the EU’s 2030 GHG reduction target and the Paris Agreement commitment to limit temperature rise to below 1.5 C.  
  • We are calling for an at least 45% renewable energy target by 2030 to meet our Paris Agreement commitments and avert the most dangerous effects of climate changeIt is the most cost-efficient pathway to climate neutrality and would ensure the EU’s 55% GHG emission reduction target is met, in line with the 1.5 Paris Agreement scenario, according to LUT University.   

A higher renewable energy target for 2030 is within reach, and necessary for Europe to meet its climate goals

Anthony Pratt, Professor of Climate Policy at ETH Zürich

Christian Breyer, Professor of Solar Economy at Lappeenranta University of Technology

Ignacio Perez Arriaga, Professor at Comillas University and Florence School of Regulation, Visiting Professor at MIT

Joana Portugal Pereira, Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO SolarPower Europe 

Dirk Hendricks, Secretary General EREF

Dirk Vansintjan, President

Eckart Würzner, President Energy Cities

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO Hydrogen Europe

Marcel Bial, Secretary General ESTELA

Pedro Dias, Secretary General Solar Heat Europe

Philippe Dumas, Secretary General EGEC

Rémi Gruet, CEO Ocean Energy Europe

Yes to 45% RES

Claude Turmes, Minister of Energy, Luxembourg explains why we need a 45% renewable energy target in the EU by 2030.

"Why we support #YesTo45RES"

"The 45% RES Target is most important for the European Union. First of all since we have a dramatic climate emergency, with fast escalating impact – just think about the fast disappearing ice masses, whether its Greenland or the major tipping point in Antarctica. All this may lead to several metres of increasing sea levels. We have an outstanding emergency that requires immediate action, and a 45% renewable energy target is most important"
Christian Breyer, Ph.D.
Professor for Solar Economy, LUT University
"A 45% renewable energy supply, or RES, target for 2030 will put us on the path to achieve our climate commitments – in the most cost-effective way. In the wake of COP 26, we must do everything we can to protect the planet from dangerous climate change, and Europeans from fossil-fuel price shocks"
Walburga Hemetsberger
CEO, SolarPower Europe
"We need to increase the renewables target if we are serious about our climate goals. For example, when it comes to heat, which is half of the energy consumed in Europe, this decade is vital in order for us to transition completely to decarbonised solutions. Why? All heating systems we install after this decade will still be there in 2050, so they must be based on renewable heat"
Alexandra Sutu
Communications Officer, Solar Heat Europe
"We need 45% because we are in climate urgency. We have lost years, decades, of not acting swift enough. Now we must move fast and big. Therefore we need a higher renewable energy target. That will be good for climate change. But it will also create hundreds of thousands of new additional jobs for Europe. Europe can be an industrial leader at global level whilst creating wealth in Europe, if we move quick and deep into renewables"
Claude Turmes
Energy Minister, Luxembourg
"The geothermal energy community says yes to an at least 45% renewable energy target. It is the most successful industrial strategy the EU has even undertaken,it has led to significant investment, sustainable jobs, sustainable economic growth within planetary boundaries, increased competitiveness. Importantly, it is the best way to address the twin energy and climate crisis that threaten us today"
Sanjeev Kumar
Head of Policy at European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC)

 Yes to 45% RES letter to European Parliament and Council

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Europe needs a minimum 45% renewables target for 2030 to avoid climate catastrophe Join the #Yesto45RES campaign ⬇

We have no time to lose in the green transition, we must increase our ambitions and accelerate the move to renewable energies – starting with a European 45% RES target for 2030 #Yesto45RES

Beyond the urgent need to meet our climate goals, more renewables will bring Europe low-cost, democratised energy, industrial leadership, and millions of green jobs #Yesto45RES

We must fast-track the energy transition, targetting 45% renewable energy in Europe by 2030 to meet the 1.5 °C Paris limit and prevent irreversible changes to our planet’s climates #Yesto45RES

Europe’s fully renewable energy future is within reach and with it the promise of a sustainable, competitive, and climate-neutral economy delivering millions of green jobs. Increasing our 2030 renewable target to 45% is the first necessary chapter of this success story #Yesto45RES

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