Digitalised and responsive PV: The driver of Grid and Market evolution (ETIP PV Annual Conference 2024)

Brussels, Belgium

May 22

The ETIP PV Conference 2024 is taking place on 22-23 May 2024 in Brussels.

Digitalisation and cybersecurity have gained much prominence in the last few years. In addition, the war in Ukraine has increased the focus on energy security, and the resulting energy crisis has accelerated the electrification of heating and cooling and the deployment of PV for self-consumption in industries. Finally, the impact of climate change on the reliability of the power system was absent from the discussions then and is now a current concern (from the damage to grid infrastructure due to extreme weather events to the reduced availability of nuclear power generation in heatwaves and droughts).

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Day 1
Welcome speech & policy keynotes
Session 1: PV systems intelligently contributing to effective distributed control
Session 2: Highly responsive PV systems facilitating a wealth of flexibility
Day 2
Energy sharing building: functional energy communities
Digitalised control through efficient and reliable data sharing