High-Level Roundtable Discussion: Renewables to Power post-war Ukraine


Jul 04

A high-level exchange on the European Commission RES target for Ukraine and the roadmap to decarbonization with renewables at its core.

Ukraine's post-war reconstruction should be based on renewable energy. Decarbonization of the Ukrainian economy with renewables at its core will ensure Ukraine's independence, prosperity, employment and peace. To achieve these goals, a real technological and industrial partnership between Ukraine and the EU will be of great importance.
Ukraine has made significant progress in renewable energy in recent years. By the end of 2021, the share of RES in national electricity production was over 8%. Currently, all projects that were already in the development and construction phase have been put on hold.
The Energy Community countries, including the Ukraine, are currently discussing 2030 Renewable targets with the European Commission. The event brings together high-level policymakers and stakeholders to discuss the European Commission RES target for Ukraine and the roadmap to decarbonization with renewables at its core.




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Kadri Simson

EU Commissioner for Energy

German Galuschenko

Energy Minister, Ukraine

Dirk Buschle

Deputy Director, Energy Community

Andrii Zhupanyn

Member of energy Committee of Verkhovna Rada

Andriy Konechenkov

Chairman, Ukrainian Wind Energy Association

Galyna Shmidt

Board Member, Ukrainian Wind Energy Association

Artem Semenyshyn

CEO, Solar Energy Association of Ukraine (ASEU)

Vsevolod Chentsov

Ambassador of Ukraine to the Netherlands

Joachim Vanzetta

Chair of the Board, ENSTO-E

Volodymyr Kudrytskyi

CEO, Ukrenergo, National Energy Company

Alessandro Polito

Policy Officer, DG ENER

Monika Morawiecka

Senior Advisor, Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)

Maryna Ilchuk

Board Member of Women's Energy Club of Ukraine

Olga Yeriomina

Senior Banker, Energy Europe, Sustainable Infrastructure Group, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Julien Mauduit

Regional Head of Energy, EBRD

François Paquet

Impact Director, Renewable Hydrogen Coalition

Serhii Anashkin

Chairman of the Board, Refrigerating Assoсiation of Ukraine

Volodymyr Grynko

CEO, Refrigerating Assoсiation of Ukraine