Powering the Poll


May 21

Mobilising the clean energy workforce to vote in the EU elections

The EU in general – and the European Parliament in particular – make laws that impact the energy transition in Europe. 


The European Parliament has played a crucial role in putting into law the EU’s commitment to become climate neutral by 2050. And they’ve helped raise the EU’s renewable energy target to at least 42.5% in the EU’s final energy consumption by 2030. 


But delivering this is not a given. The new European Parliament could end up being much less in favour of the Green Deal and renewables than the current one. It’s crucial that we all vote. 


Thousands of people across Europe work to make the energy transition a reality. How can we empower them to mobilise their colleagues, friends and family to use their vote this June? 


Join us online to hear top speakers from the European Commission and the European Parliament explain what exactly the EU has done to support renewables and the energy transition, and how we can keep the momentum. 

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Philipp Schulmeister

Director for Campaigns, Directorate-General for Communication, European Parliament

Ewelina Hartstein

Acting Head of Unit, Communication and Outreach, Directorate-General for Energy, European Commission

Philippa Nuttal

Editor of Sustainable Views, Financial Times