TRUST-PV Advanced Monitoring and (aerial) Inspection


Apr 24

Trust PV, a four-year Horizon 2020 project, is nearing its completion and has some exciting findings to share.

SolarPower Europe is a consortium member of this 4-year research Horizon 2020 funded project, which intends to improve the performance and reliability of solar power plants. The research project will be completed in June, and has some exciting findings to share. During the webinar the project will present key findings from cutting-edge research on the development in Luminescence and UV-Based Techniques and novel wireless architectures for PV Monitoring.



  1. Lukas Koester (EURAC): Advancing Large-Scale PV Plant Inspections Beyond Infrared: Developments in Luminescence- and UV-Based Techniques
  2. Marco Berliocchi (Raptech): Innovative wireless architectures for PV monitoring
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