Meet the team: Catarina Augusto

by Liam Spiteri - 19 March 2024
Meet the SolarPower Europe team! Catarina is our Senior Technical Advisor, specialising in Grids & Flexibility for solar PV integration into the electricity grid.
Meet the SolarPower Europe Team

Catarina is our Senior Technical Advisor, working on grids and flexibility-related challenges regarding solar PV integration into the electricity grid. 


Prior to joining SolarPower Europe, Catarina worked in E.DSO, the European Electric Power Distribution industry. There she was leading the Technology Committee and was responsible for 3 Horizon 2020 projects. She started her professional journey as an intern at E-REDES, the Portuguese DSO and has also worked at ALCAAL Renovables in Buenos Aires, as Project Energy Engineer in Solar PV systems for Agro Irrigation. Catarina holds a MSc in Energy and Environmental Engineering at the University of Lisbon. She speaks Portugese, English and Spanish. 

What do you love most about working at SolarPower Europe? 

I would have to say the team itself, and the exchanges with our Members through the Grids & Flexibility Workstream. I have a very supportive team and a very active workstream that motivates me and teaches me a lot. 

What has been your favourite professional memory so far? 

It’s not exactly a memory but a project! I would say that it is a collection of memories then. 


I am talking about the Solar Connection project with Eurelectric. Many challenges usually start from a common understanding of the problem from both parties’ perspectives. So, sitting around a table and exchanging ideas should be the first step to finding a good solution.  


This was the goal of our project, finding a common understanding, and best practices between the Solar Industry and Distributed Systems Operators to better work together on the energy transition. 

What is your one wish for the future of solar? 

I am a person with many wishes, but this one is easy!


I wish that Grids were no longer a bottleneck for solar PV to deliver clean energy to all! I only hope this is not in the far future but closer to "tomorrow”. 

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