Meet the team: Ludovica Longo

by Liam Spiteri - 14 May 2024
Meet the SolarPower Europe Team! Ludovica is our Press and Policy Communications Advisor, acting as the link between our policy and market intelligence experts and the media.
Meet the SolarPower Europe Team

“My role involves handling media inquiries, drafting press releases, op-eds, and managing campaigns. The goal is to absorb insights on various diverse topics like Agri-PV and energy flexibility, and translate them into accessible content for a wider audience.” 


Prior to joining SolarPower Europe, Ludovica worked as a journalist for Euronews and as a press officer for Brussels-based NGO Finance Watch. She holds a Joint Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Geography from the School of Oriental and African Studies and King’s College London as well as a Master’s degree in Politics and Social Policy from the University of Bologna.  


Ludovica is Italian and speaks fluent Italian, English and has basic knowledge of French! 

What do you love most about working at SolarPower Europe?

One of the highlights of working here is the vibrant atmosphere in the office. Even during challenging times, there's a remarkable absence of tension and panic!  


I also quite enjoy getting to work with colleagues from different teams; it helps to foster a continuous learning environment. 

What has been your favourite professional memory so far?

One memorable experience was being able to participate in a moderation training that was organised for the entire Communications team. It was a great opportunity showing the learning potentials we are provided with at SolarPower Europe, which help us grow in our profession! The session was conducted by an external professional; and it equipped our team with valuable skills that we hope to make use of at upcoming events. 

What is your one wish for the future of solar?

Hard to pick one, although looking to the future of solar, my main wish is for more people to discover the potential and benefits of solar energy through our press coverage. 

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