Shining light on another record solar year

Welcome to season 2 of Shine On Policycast: the podcast that brings you EU policy updates relevant to solar, in 20 minutes or less! Join your host Bethany Meban, Head of Press and Policy Communications at SolarPower Europe as she dives into key topics with our team of experts.

In this special episode, our host Bethany sits down with SolarPower Europe CEO, Walburga Hemetsberger, to shed light on solar highlights of 2023. We have seen another year of record solar growth, and a lot of legislative success. 


However, some of these bright moments have been overshadowed with challenges we have faced this year. As we look ahead to 2024, the team are committed to addressing these challenges with EU policymakers to ensure solar continues to grow in Europe. 


Thanks for listening along to Policycast this year! We will see you back again in 2024 for more insights in the lead up to the EU elections.

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