EU Solar Jobs Report 2022

Addressing the solar skills challenge

The EU Solar Jobs Report, built and modelled in-house, is published annually to analyse the development of direct and indirect employment in a sector producing and installing a technology that is supposed to be the leading power generation source of the continent in the future.

The EU Solar Jobs Report 2022 edition shows that in 2021, the solar sector employed 466,000 full time employees (FTEs) in the EU, that’s 108,000 more than 2020. While 44% of the total, 205,000 FTEs were employed directly in the solar sector, a slightly higher share were indirect jobs - 57% and 260,000 FTEs -, which encompasses work in process materials and logistics industries.



"We must reinforce our training systems so that workers have the necessary skills to successfully master the transitions, notably by transferring to emerging sectors, such as solar power" - Nicolas Schmit, EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights
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EU Solar Jobs Report 2022


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