Grids planning and grid connection: recommendations for a future-proof implementation of the Clean Energy Package

According to our market outlook, 670 GW of solar PV will be deployed in Europe by 2030 but up to 1 TW can be deployed with the right framework. Being able to connect this increasing volume of renewables to the grid and at a faster pace will be critical to realise the energy transition, and to support Europe’s efforts in increasing their energy independence. This report presents the recommendations of the solar industry to facilitate the grid integration of solar, realised in consultation with grid operators.

We identified grid planning and connection practices as impactful steps that can be taken immediately. The report entails an analysis of challenges to grid integration of solar PV in the EU, including an assessment of current grid planning and connection practices across Europe, presented in graphical maps and tables. It also presents best practices in grid planning and grid connection processes from across Europe, giving the reader an overview of promising approaches.


As member states are implementing the Clean Energy Package, the report finally draws a series of policy recommendations aimed at guiding the implementation of the Clean Energy Package but also going beyond the Clean Energy Package. They touch on how grid planning can be used as a tool for effective network development and how grid connection procedures can be further streamlined and facilitate the integration of increasing shares of renewables. 


Key topics:

  • Grid integration
  • DSOs and TSOs
  • Decentralised energy resources
  • Modernisation of network management
  • Grid planning practices
  • Grid connection practices
Grids planning and grids connection

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