Solar Powers Heat & EVs 2023

Case Studies

Following our Solar Powers Heat Report 2023, published in March, this collection of case studies brings examples to life, of how solar electrification of home heating and transportation empowers EU citizens to turn down fossil gas and save on energy bills.

This publication provides 10 case studies from actual homes, across six European countries. While different in size and design, depending on individual needs and geographic and policy framework conditions, the examples prove that solar electrification of heat and power works very well across the continent, even in northern European countries. One Norwegian family shows us what’s possible – their solar PV + heat pump generates more energy at home than needed over the year. Beyond the single stories, we also see the common theme: people are not just happy to have a higher level of energy security at a lower cost. They’re also celebrating the feeling of turning their back on fossil fuels.  


However, as our modelling and market research shows, there is still some work to do to make these positive stories the reality for all European homes. Europe needs stable policy, solid incentive conditions, and strong, clear communication to truly and rapidly unleash solar home electrification of heat and transportation. 

Solar Powers Heat and EVs 2023 - Case Studies

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