Solar Investment Opportunities

We are proud to present our second edition of findings on solar investment opportunities in Tunisia. This report highlights Tunisia’s enormous photovoltaic potential while reflecting Tunisian political and economic developments.

Tunisia’s climate presents a key solar energy opportunity and, together with an improved investment framework and a highly skilled workforce, the country should be well positioned support its ambitious Plan Solaire Tunisien. However, to date, Tunisia has fallen short of its intermediate solar PV targets.


While setting out key information for potential investors in Tunisian solar, the report offers a number of policy recommendations to unlock Tunisia’s solar potential, including:


  • the creation of an Independent Energy Regulatory Agency
  • supporting the financing capacities of local banks for renewable projects, and
  • streamlining permitting procedures


Tunisia: Solar Investment Opportunities Version 2.0 is the 11th publication in a suite of free investment reports on global markets with significant solar potential, including Mozambique, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, India, Tunisia, Latin America, Algeria, and the Middle East.

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