'When solar policy went digital' in France, Lithuania and the UK

The digitalisation of the electricity system is at the very core of a successful energy transition to a fully flexible and electrified energy system, based on zero marginal cost renewables such as solar PV.

The energy transition and the digital transition must therefore go hand in hand – and policy-makers must think smart. SolarPower Europe’s “When solar policy went digital report”, published in late 2018, sought to answer the question of what innovative policies are being used across Europe to allow new business models to come forward. This webinar will look at the case studies presented in the report from three different countries across Europe: the UK, Lithuania and France. 



Bernd Engel, SolarPower Europe Digitalisation Task Force leader and SMA representative of the Board for Grid Integration 



  • “Sandboxes to promote innovation: the Banister House Estate case study”, Gemma Stanley, Policy Analyst, UK Solar Trade Association 
  • “Lithuania’s virtual net metering framework to promote distributed solar”, Dovile Almanyte, Head of Division of Renewable Energy Sources, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania 
  • “France’s collective self-consumption model – le modele d’autoconsommation collective en France: Fruges case study”, Sylvain Blarel, chargé de projets, Cohérence Energies.
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