2022: The Year of Terawatt Solar Global installed solar capacity expected to hit Terawatt mark in early 2022

31 January 2022

Bright news is on the horizon, with solar set to reach another key milestone this year. In a new dawn for the sector, global installed solar generation capacity is expected to reach 1.1 TW in 2022, with the TW frontier being crossed for the first time in spring 2022.

Rising from around 100 GW of solar capacity in 2012, the global solar market has grown exponentially and will surpass 1000 GW (1 TW) in 2022, according to even SolarPower Europe’s most cautious scenario. This achievement follows an enormous 90% decrease in solar costs between 2009 and 2021* making solar a global phenomenon and national policies to deploy this clean energy technology.

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