EU Solar Strategy: Public consultation is open!

8 February 2022

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on solar energy in the EU, as part of the preparation of a new strategy on solar energy, due for publication later this year.

In the context of the Commission’s proposal to double the share of renewables to 40% by 2030 (in the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive presented in July 2021), the consultation looks at how best to achieve the required increase in solar energy capacity. It underlines that the cost-efficient development of this technology within a more integrated energy system cannot be sufficiently achieved by EU countries alone, and seeks to clarify what measures are needed.


In a series of 26 questions, the consultation is seeking input on the main bottlenecks and barriers to investment under existing rules. In this sense, it looks at policy measures from three different objectives:

  • accelerating deployment through demand-side measures to deliver on the 2030 renewable targets
  • ensuring secure supplies of affordable and sustainable solar energy products through supply-side measures, including high sustainability standards and global photovoltaic supply chain resilience
  • maximising the socio-economic benefits, potential and value of solar energy for wider society.


The consultation will run 12 weeks until 12 April 2022.

SolarPower Europe will respond to the public consultation on the EU Solar Strategy.


Your company or organisation can respond to the public consultation on the EU Solar Strategy, by clicking on the link below.


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