Menlo Electric and the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation to install solar for a Ukrainian school

14 April 2023

Under our ‘Solar Supports Ukraine’ Campaign, SolarPower Europe members, Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation and Menlo Electric, will jointly develop a solar and storage installation for the Bucha, Lyceum No. 3 school, one of the projects which we are fundraising for.


Together, the two organisations will equip up to 10 Ukrainian hospitals and schools with solar, with a total output of 300 kW. The projects are intended to guarantee electricity supply for schools, hospital surgeries, and intensive care units, through hybrid solar power and energy storage systems. 

Facilities which have been chosen so far for donated modules include:


  • Irpin Lyceum No.1
  • Chernihiv Children’s Hospital
  • Bucha Lyceum No.3


Irpin Lyceum No.1 was damaged during the occupation of Irpin city in the spring of 2022, when it became a shelter for pupils, parents, and teachers during the severe shelling of the city. The installation is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023. The Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation have been fundraising for this school under their 100RESforSchools project, which aims to equip 100 schools with solar panels.


SolarPower Europe are also fundraising for Bucha, Lyceum No. 3 project under our ‘Solar Supports Ukraine’ campaign which we set up with the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine (ASEU) and the German Solar Industry Association (BSW). The campaign’s objective is to raise €300,000 and help install solar on schools and hospitals in Ukraine, combating energy outages. The Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation is also an implementation partner in our campaign.

“I am proud that as Menlo Electric we will be donating equipment for solar and storage installations for the Foundation's programmes: 100RESforSchools and 50RESforHospitals. I hope that in this small way we will help Ukrainian civilians carry on in this dire time. Waiting indefinitely until the war ends means losing precious time, so we are continuously looking for partners that want to start acting with us now!” 

Bartosz Majewski, Co-Founder and CEO of Menlo Electric

We are incredibly grateful for Menlo Electric’s support, and for the other pledged contributions.


Please consider supporting our campaign today to help keep the lights on in Ukraine.



About the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation

The Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation is a non-profit organisation set up by Ukrainians as an emergency response to war. It was founded in April 2022, with a  branch office in Gdańsk, Poland.

The main priorities of the organisation are supplying energy equipment, with a focus on  deploying renewable energy and solar installations for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, medical workers, and war-affected communities in Ukraine.



About Menlo Electric

Founded in 2020, Menlo Electric is a leading solar PV distributor serving 300+ clients in 20+ countries monthly. Their 100 MW of components are located in 7 logistics hubs across Europe. Menlo Electric has also launched 'Energy to Power Your Future,' a programme that installs solar PV for free in children’s care institutions.

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Dan Sokolov
Junior Project Coordinator

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