SolarPower Europe celebrates 300 members! 

22 September 2023

Daniel Dang, Director of Business Development

’Reaching 300 members is a huge milestone and a big testament to the whole SolarPower Europe team that I am so proud of and for the excellent service that has been consistently provided over the years. Yet, we are just at the beginning of something even greater. We are ready to build on this massive success to ensure that solar becomes Europe’s leading energy source by 2030 and we can’t wait to do this together with our valued members.’’

With our members, we’ve achieved some incredible results, including:   

  • Delivering the first landmark EU Solar Strategy  
  • Achieving a 45% RES target in the EU  
  • Solar Stewardship Initiative to ensure transparency in the solar supply chain   
  • New Solar Jobs Platform – there’s a career for everyone in solar!  
  • Solar Supports Ukraine Initiative: Helping install solar on hospitals and schools in Ukraine  
  • In the face of the growing climate crisis and geo-political challenges, we must continue to bolster solar as the key clean energy technology .  

    Let’s roll up our sleeves for a solar powered Europe! 

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