SolarSaves: Supporting Europeans through the energy crisis

25 January 2023

Driven by the extremely high global gas prices and exacerbated by the Russian war in Ukraine, Europe is in the midst of a serious energy crisis causing price shocks for most Europeans.

There is a ray of light. Today, solar is shielding millions of Europeans from volatile energy bills. 


SolarPower Europe is proud to present Solar Saves, a new communications campaign to demonstrate how solar is helping families, farmers and factories through the energy crisis.


Over the next number of months, we will be sharing video and written interviews with real people across Europe who are being shielded from the worst effects of the energy crisis, thanks to solar. 

This campaign aims to show the versatility of solar, and how it can really benefit everyone as well as helping Europe meet energy security and climate goals.

Through these stories, we hope to also shed light on the work that still needs to be done at EU level, and more locally, to ensure solar can be rolled out swiftly and meet the needs of even the most vulnerable. This includes resolving permitting challenges, ensuring a skilled solar workforce, improving grid flexibility and strengthening European manufacturing capacity.

Solar can help us save gas consumption, save money on energy bills, and also save the climate. 

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Kristina Thoring
Communications Director

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