TRUST-PV wraps up with a dynamic Green Energy Training week in sunny Rome

10 July 2024

From 25-28 June, TRUST-PV, the 4-year Horizon 2020 funded project, took part in a concluding week of activities in Rome, with its final General Assembly, and a Green Energy Training (GET) week for partners and stakeholders, co-organised with BayWa r.e.

During the week, TRUST-PV partners, facilitated panel sessions; presented the projects’ results; held on-site trainings and demonstrations; and participated in a solar PV plant tour under the management of BayWa r.e.


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The event served as a perfect opportunity to connect and explore the advanced solar technologies that are setting new industry standards.

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During TRUST-PV’s General Assembly, our Project Officer Hanna Dittmar, presented an overview of the project's communication deliverables, with over 90+ social media posts published over the project's lifetime.

Kicking off our TRUST-PV GET week, David Moser from Eurac Research and TRUST-PV Project Co-ordinator, said; "As part of the TRUST-PV project, we found that quantifying quality is key for increasing solar PV performance and reliability. In turn, digitalisation is the key driver for quality." 

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Our Head of Market Intelligence Raffaele Rossi presented our Global Market Outlook for Solar Power, highlighting; "In 2023, 447 GW of solar was installed globally, an 87% growth year on year... This brings the world's total solar capacity to 1.6 TW."

Daniela Ariolli from BayWa r.e. moderated a panel discussion on circularity, outlining; “Circularity is integral in the solar PV sector. It's important for accelerating deployment, looking at the whole value chain, and extending the lifetime of a solar panel."

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SolarPower Europe was a consortium member of TRUST-PV, leading on communication deliverables and contributing to the utilisation of the innovations developed over the course of the project.


We’re looking forward to continuing our ongoing collaboration with several TRUST-PV colleagues as part of the SUPERNOVA project. This 42-month, almost €5 million Horizon Europe funded project, will focus on operation and maintenance (O&M) and grid-friendly tools and solutions for reliable, bankable, and circular solar PV plants. SolarPower Europe is leading on communications for SUPERNOVA; Eurac Research is the project co-ordinator.

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TRUST-PV partners during the project's final General Assembly in Rome © 2024 AZETA SRL 


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