46 GW of new solar power in 2022: Europe celebrates its first European Solar Day

21 June 2023

  • SolarPower Europe’s latest Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2023-2027 reveals the wider European region* installed 46 GW of new solar capacity in 2022.


  • The new, Europe-wide number comes on 21st June – the longest day of the year, and the occasion of the first #EuropeanSolarDay.


BRUSSELS, Belgium (Wednesday 21st June 2023): In 2022, a year marked by energy crisis, the European region installed enough new solar to power the needs of almost 14 million homes. 

Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2023-2027

118 GW of new rooftop solar installations worldwide. 239 GW installed in 2022. 26 GW-scale countries. Special focus on Southeast Asia.

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To celebrate the solar boom, SolarPower Europe, with the support of over 30 cross-sector organisations, has launched the first-ever European Solar Day. Held on the summer solstice, or midsummer, the event unites individuals, organisations, and nations across Europe, showcasing the crucial role of solar power in achieving the energy transition. 


Reaching beyond industry and policymakers, the new #EuropeanSolarDay is working to educate Europeans of all backgrounds on the benefits of solar. The new campaign comes with an online platform in eight European languages. Explore the platform, discover the solar stories, and challenge your knowledge with a solar quiz. 


Join the celebration!


Explore the platform, watch the stories, & take the quiz at:





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“Across cultures, over thousands of years, on June 21st, Europeans have celebrated the power of the sun. Today, we’re thrilled to be working with our friends and partners to combine ancient tradition and the energy transition to create the new European Solar Day.” 


- Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe (she/her)

© European Union, 2019

In a pre-recorded message, EU Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson, said: 


“Today on the summer solstice, when the sun shines longer than any other day, we mark European Solar Day... In just a few years, solar energy has evolved dramatically to become one of the most affordable, clean energy technologies... We must renew our efforts so that the future of solar stays bright.”

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Amalia Speleta
Communications Campaign Advisor

*Europe region = EU27 + Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

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