EU Energy Ministers take critical step, but fail to rubber stamp emergency renewable law 

SolarPower Europe Statement

24 November 2022

EU Energy Ministers have, in principle, agreed to adopt emergency legislation to accelerate the roll out of renewables to tackle the energy crisis. While Ministers were expected to make a formal decision, today’s informal agreement paves the way for full adoption of the Regulation next month.  


We strongly encourage Ministers to finalise this discussion and adopt the Regulation at their next meeting, now expected on 13th December. Parallel negotiations on gas price caps should not delay the application of the Regulation in January 2023.  


The time between now and the final adoption of the Regulation should only be used to advance ambition. Every solar panel installed decreases our dependence on fossil fuels and supports our climate defence.  


This Regulation must do what it intends to – accelerate renewable deployment.  

  • The Regulation should apply to renewable projects already in the pipeline.  
  • Three months is more than enough time for grid operators to triage project applications, and after this period, without reply from authorities, solar projects on artificial structures should proceed.  
  • We should not impose set capacity limits on solar projects on artificial structures – there should be no limit, except the maximum which the existing grid capacity can host. 
  • The definition of artificial structures should be pragmatic and reflect the full potential of solar flexibility – rooftops, transport infrastructure, and industrial areas should all be within scope.  
  • Hybrid projects, or solar + storage projects, should particularly benefit from the accelerated permitting granted to repowering projects. 

    Europe is in crisis. We must move from discussion to action as soon as possible. The solar sector is ready to put this Regulation into action.  



20 October 2022 – European leaders ask the European Council to propose emergency measures to fast-track renewable permitting processes. 

9 November 2022 – The European Commission proposes the draft emergency measures to accelerate permitting.  

24 November 2022 - Energy Ministers postpone formal adoption of the Regulation.

13 December 2022 - The likely date of formal adoption of the final Regulation.

1 January 2023 - The likely date the Regulation will come into force.

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Energy Council, Brussels, 24 November 2022
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Kadri SIMSON (European Commissioner for Energy, EUROPEAN COMMISSION), Jozef SÍKELA (Minister for Industry and Trade, Czech Republic) during the Council concluding press conference. 


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