EU marks REPowerEU anniversary with a new renewables package

SolarPower Europe Statement

13 May 2024

On the second anniversary of the REPowerEU package, the EU effort to get off Russian gas launched in 2022, the EU has introduced a new package to support renewables' roll-out. This also follows the emergency renewables law that came in December 2022, and the finalisation of the updated Renewables Energy Directive in November 2023.  


The initiative includes:  


  • An update of the recommendation and guidance for EU countries on renewable project permitting; 
  • Guidance to EU countries on the designation of renewable acceleration areas; 
  • Recommendation and guidance to EU countries on renewable auction design; 
  • The launch of an EU digital platform on auction planning. 


SolarPower Europe has issued the following statement in response. 


Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe (she/her):   


“Two years have passed since the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the sharpening of Europe's focus on energy security. The last 24 months have forever changed the way that Europe looks at renewables and security. 


In crisis, solar delivered for Europe with record deployment, supported by the EU Solar Strategy, to get the continent off Russian gas. These new actions are timely, to remind EU leaders not to take solar records for granted, and facilitating further growth.  


The acceleration of permitting, and the involvement of local communities, are two prerequisites to reach our REPowerEU targets. It is therefore good to see the Commission recommendation for prioritising renewables and infrastructure in permitting, while reinforcing citizens’ engagement. The Commission is also providing much-needed guidance on mapping and acceleration areas, which aligns well with SolarPower Europe’s Guidance on the topic. 


Leveraging public auctions for resilience and sustainability is a good way of rewarding companies beyond price-only. These criteria, however, need to be precise and technology specific. We stand ready to provide details on what clear and practical rules for solar auctions look like.” 




  • The EU Solar Strategy was launched alongside the REPowerEU package In May 2022, marking the first-ever EU package dedicated to support solar deployment and manufacturing. 
  • SolarPower Europe has published recommendations to ensure auctions are designed to support the rapid growth of solar capacities in all EU Member States. 
  • SolarPower Europe has also published a Renewables Mapping Guidance, which sets up a series of key steps to perform renewable energy mapping, and a 'RES Booster Stocktake,' providing an analysis into the EU country implementation of European law to accelerate renewables permitting so far.  
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Kristina Thoring
Head of Press and Policy Communications

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