Five EU member states join call for 1 TW of European solar by 2030

5 May 2022

Energy Ministers from Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Spain have signed a letter to the European Commission asking for higher EU solar ambition – including at least 1 TW EU solar by 2030.

In light of the unprovoked Russian war on Ukraine, this joint letter from five EU member states calls for an acceleration of the renewable transition to phase-out energy dependency on Russia, while also achieving climate goals and shielding Europeans from energy price spikes.  


The letter points to analysis that the continent has significant potential to improve ‘business as usual’ solar ambition and aim for at least 1 TW of installed solar in the EU by 2030.  

In line with several SolarPower Europe recommendations in our ‘8 Actions to Solar Power EU Energy Independence’, signatories call for an EU Solar Act within the European Commission’s expected REPowerEU update later this month. The letter recommends that any EU Solar Act should establish solar rooftops as “the norm” for all new and renovated buildings, maximise the potential of prosumers, unlock an EU Solar Manufacturing Fund, and ensure the necessary solar workforce to implement the transition.  

Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe said: "As the unprovoked Russian war on Ukraine continues, the EU knows we must move away from Russian gas dependency as fast as possible. Higher solar ambition will support EU energy independence, shield Europeans from energy price hikes, create millions of green jobs, and massively contribute to our climate goals. Through this initiative, Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Spain are leading the way to the European solar terawatt age."

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Bethany Meban
Senior Press and Communications Advisor

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