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20 March 2024

The European Technology & Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) is now accepting applications for its esteemed Steering Committee. In an unprecedented opportunity, ETIP PV is seeking fifteen visionary individuals to help steer the future of solar in Europe. This call is extended to experts passionate about fostering sustainable energy solutions and driving Europe's leadership in the global solar market.



ETIP PV is a network supported by the European Commission, to bring together experts who share a long-term vision for the future of solar in Europe. Our mission is to secure Europe's stronghold in the global solar sector through strategic collaboration and innovation. 


ETIP PV actively supports the EU's Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan. The platform also assists policymakers in shaping legislation and research programs that best support this technology, notably by producing the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for PV (SRIA PV).



Steering Committee Composition and Commitment 


ETIP PV members are individuals who share ETIP PV’s vision, as outlined in its Terms of Reference, and possess the skills and experience necessary to further the ETIP PV mission. The Steering Committee is ETIP PV’s permanent decision-making body. It is composed by around 30 members who participate voluntarily in a personal capacity, with the support of their respective organisations. Membership applications are open to individuals from various backgrounds, including representatives from civil society, NGOs, the legal profession or the financial community. 


Steering Committee members commit to attending three or four meetings per year, held in different European locations, and actively prepare for these gatherings. They also commit to contributing substantially in written form to the Committee.



Application Process 


Prospective candidates are invited to submit their applications via email to Rania Fki, Project Manager at WIP Renewable Energies, and ETIP PV Secretariat member at rania.fki@wip-munich.de, by April 15, 2024, including:


  • A CV
  • A brief description of how you plan to contribute to the platform’s mission, outlining your personal commitment and vision. 
  • Optional but encouraged: A letter of support from your organisation 



Selection Criteria 


Appointment to the Steering Committee is a revered honour and responsibility, lasting two years. Candidates will be evaluated based on their dedication to ETIP PV's goals, contributions to Europe's PV sector, and commitment to maintaining a balanced representation in terms of industry and research expertise, as well as gender. Proficiency in English is required. 


The chosen members will be unveiled at the annual ETIP PV conference on 22 May 2024, and all applicants will receive direct communication regarding their application status. 


For more information about ETIP PV, please visit www.etip-pv.eu 

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Thérèse O Donoghue
Press and Communications Advisor

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