Over 400 organisations call on EU leaders to recommit to the Green Deal

17 June 2024

Ahead of the upcoming European Leaders summit, which will set the EU strategic priorities for the next 5 years, at least 449 cross-sector organisations have come together, united in a robust call to strengthen the mandate of the EU Green Deal.


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Companies and associations from across the economy – including chemicals, services, renewables, shipping, and consumer goods – have joined with climate and nature NGOs, as well as local government representation, to issue the statement. Together, signatories remind EU leaders that the Green Deal is, and has been, the engine to drive sustainable growth and security.


Signatories ask EU leaders to:


1. Confirm the EU Green Deal as a top priority in the next EU Strategic Agenda, and

complement it with a Clean Industrial Deal that is in line with the Green Deal objectives


2. Align all EU financial instruments with the Green Deal objectives for 2030 and beyond. including establishing a new Clean Industrial Deal Investment Plan as part of the next EU budget; supporting cities and regions in the transition.


3. Appoint an Executive Vice-President for both the Green and Industrial Deals to ensure both competitiveness and decarbonisation objectives are met in the most efficient way.


Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe said: “Delivering the Green Deal is a prerequisite to strengthen the EU's competitiveness and is essential to an Industrial Deal for Europe. The Green Deal has given Europe the tools to set a new track towards energy security and sustainable prosperity. Now is the time to modernise Europe’s economy. With the EU elections behind us, 400 economic actors are giving a clear signal to EU leaders: confirm the Green Deal as a strategic priority.”


Eric Scotto, CEO of Akuo said: “The Green Deal is a no brainer: not only is it the only growth path for Europe, but also is it our most powerful shield against the geopolitical risks of energy dependence.”


Bertrand Piccard, President of the Solar Impulse Foundation said: "Following the recent EU elections, both the political landscape and the perception of ecology have shifted. Ecology must not be viewed as costly, burdensome, or unattainable, as this will hinder our efforts to protect the environment. Politicians across spectrums need to recognise that the Green Deal and environmental protection can be economically beneficial, generating jobs, enhancing resources, and boosting energy independence and sovereignty. Therefore, it is in their interest to support and promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. This will enhance Europe's competitiveness and independence."


Claire Roumet, Executive Director, Energy Cities said: "The green deal is the best competitiveness policy, because it gives a comprehensive and coherent framework to support affordable, abundant and sustainable energy production. It improves peoples lives, it improves the competitiveness of our industry and businesses, and it improves our cities. That is why we call for a swift implementation and to support local actors building a more prosperous future."


William Todts, Executive Director of Transport & Environment said: "A job half done is as good as none. We must relaunch the green deal as the EU's jobs, growth and energy security strategy. Investing in Europe-made batteries, electric vehicles and hydrogen for aviation and shipping should be an absolute top priority."


Paul Voss, Director-General of European Aluminium said: “Not long ago I proudly signed the Antwerp Declaration calling for the establishment of an Industrial Deal for Europe. Today I’m happy to reaffirm the aluminium industry's commitment to the Green Deal. A healthy industrial base and a healthy planet cannot be seen as mutually exclusive alternatives. Europe must learn to walk and chew gum at the same time!”


François Gemenne, Hugo Observatory said: "It would be completely irresponsible for politics to backtrack on the Green Deal: on the contrary, the time has come to speed things up. Whether it's the scientific reports or the reality of people suffering from climate change, a wait-and-see attitude is not an option."

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Bethany Meban
Head of Press & Policy Communications

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