«SolarMarket» opens – first BIPV installation on heritage building in Brussels

12 October 2021

Today, the ‘’SolarMarket’’ was officially inaugurated in the Brussels Commune of Anderlecht, a 2 MW building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roof installed on the renovated Halles d’Anderlecht, an iconic Brussels covered market. Thanks to the renovation, the aesthetics of the original 19th century zinc roof have been restored – with a solar twist.

The SolarMarket is the largest social-urban BIPV installation in Europe, generating the equivalent electricity consumption of 703 households, and saving 754 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Skysun, a member of SolarPower Europe, developed the innovative BIPV solution that marks the first time the Brussels heritage conservation commission has approved a solar installation on a protected building.

“This is an innovative project, particularly in financial terms. It allows citizens to participate in the sustainable development of their neighbourhood. I encourage the development of transparent financial models that serve the city and its inhabitants.”

Thomas Dermine, Belgian Federal Secretary of State for Recovery and Strategic Investments
Alain Maron, Brussels Minister for Climate Transition

“I congratulate Skysun for the ingenuity they have shown in integrating this solar installation on the roof of the Anderlecht covered market, giving them back their former cachet while making them part of the energy transition of the future. This is a great success that combines significant energy production with magnificent architectural integration. This project opens up new prospects for the deployment of photovoltaic energy in the Brussels Region in order to achieve the climate objectives we have set ourselves, a carbon neutral region by 2050.”

“The SolarMarket project demonstrates that aesthetics and sustainability can go hand in hand – even on protected heritage buildings such as Halles d’Anderlecht. Building integrated photovoltaics can be easily installed on building facades, windows, roof tiles and cladding – and is a key solution to help decarbonise Europe’s buildings, which are  responsible for 36% of EU’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, by installing solar on all suitable rooftops, the EU could meet more than 25% of its yearly electricity consumption with clean energy!”

Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO SolarPower Europe
Leopold Coppieters, Co-founder of Skysun

 “We are very proud of the SolarMarket, this project shows that solar power can be very aesthetic and satisfy the need for both practical and beautiful buildings. The project also combines business innovation with a social mission. The renovation project was partly financed through a citizen’s crowdfunding initiative, which allowed local Anderlecht residents to invest directly into the project. More importantly, SolarMarket will revitalize an emblematic building for Brussels citizens, and restore a social, cultural, and economic meeting place. It is a first in many ways.”

SolarPower Europe is an official partner of the ’’SolarMarket’’ inauguration event. You can visit the SolarMarket virtually 👇

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