Solar Excellence Shines Through: Solar Innovation Award 2022

Winner: Over Easy Solar

1 April 2022

Solar is shining through as the fastest growing energy technology, and innovators are taking solar further every day. The Solar Start-Up Award recognises, supports, and showcases the ground-breaking steps that solar businesses are taking towards a renewable-based energy system.

The Solar Start-Up Award 2022 panel was comprised of Stefan Müeller of Enerparc, Javier Sanz Rodriguez of Innoenergy, Angele Reinders of the University of Twente, and Michael Schmela, Director of Market Intelligence at SolarPower Europe. Finalists nominated by the panel, presented their work online (watch here), and included Markus Glattar of PV2+, Dysmys Kisilu of Solar Freeze Ltd, Maiko Kiis of Solarstone, and Mark Hoff of Triple Solar. 


The fifth finalist, Trygve Mongstad of Over Easy Solar, presented the start-up’s unique solar solution for flat & green rooftops publicly for the first time, and was voted the winner of the Award by public vote at this year’s SolarPower Summit. 


In his presentation, Dr Mongstad explained Over Easy Solar’s patent-pending modularized solution for flat roofs: vertically mounted bifacial solar panels, which can be installed ten times faster compared to conventional solutions. The solution offers full compatibility with green rooftops, as the vertical construct of the panels ensures no conflict between plants and the solar modules.  


With east-west installation orientation of the bifacial modules, consumers also benefit from two production peaks during the day, in the morning and evening, as opposed to the traditional singular solar peak at midday. The solution offers particular advantage in snowier northern regions, as the vertical construct is unimpeded by snow cover and benefits from low-angles of winter sun (+100% yield in Feb-March in Oslo compared to conventional installation). 


Tommy Engvik, Chief Business Development Manager at Over Easy Solar, who collected the Solar Start-Up Award at the SolarPower Summit, on behalf of the organisation, commented:  “We are honored that SolarPower Europe’s members have picked us as Solar Startup of the year. This shows openness for innovative ideas and gives good promise for new companies who are trying to make a difference”  


Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe said, “The flexibility of solar presents unique opportunities, and has embedded a tradition of talented innovators who advance the technology in creative and inventive ways. This year's Solar Start-Up Award is no different, with Over Easy Solar changing the way we look at solar rooftops. Against talented competition, we are pleased to recognise Over Easy Solar’s contribution to taking the sector forward and showcasing the endless possibilities of solar.” 

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