SolarPower Europe Director Announced as new Chair of Global Solar Council

27 January 2023

SolarPower Europe’s Director of Global Affairs, Máté Heisz, takes over as chair of the Global Solar Council as announced at the 13th IRENA General Assembly in Abu Dhabi.

Brussels, Friday 27 January 2023: Once again in 2022, solar PV reaffirmed its role as the leader in achieving a just and inclusive energy transition globally. Building on a clear vision and the past year’s achievements, the Global Solar Council (GSC) is poised to further increase ambitions and improve representation of the global solar PV value chain on key international stages and at global forums. 


As a new year begins, the GSC welcome Máté Heisz, Director of Global Affairs at SolarPower Europe, as the new Chair serving for the period 2023-2024. The GSC will also continue the engagement within the IRENA Coalition for Action, with the appointment of GSC Chair Máté Heisz to the Steering Committee during the 13th IRENA General Assembly in Abu Dhabi on 13-15 January. 


“As new Chair of the Board, I aim to further strengthen the GSC’s impact and influence at the global level, scaling up the GSC’s and the worldwide solar sector’s visibility at COP28,” Máté Heisz said.  


In this new position, Máté hopes to bolster the GSC’s presence in emerging markets around the world, where the GSC can work together with local associations to advocate for better policies and the scale-up of solar deployment. 


Another priority for the new Chair is to further grow the GSC’s membership, with a focus on multinational corporate members. The GSC offers multinational corporations the opportunity to be part of shaping a new solar world, through engaging in international roundtable discussions and providing input into crucial global debates through forums such as G20 and COP28, as well as the chance to actively engage emerging markets for solar. 


Máté looks forward to working with Rodrigo Sauaia, CEO of the Brazilian Solar Photovoltaic Energy Association (ABSOLAR), the new Chair Elect of the GSC who will take up the position in 2025. 


The GSC and its members are thankful to Jose Donoso, General Director at UNEF and Immediate Past Chair of the Board, for the experience brought to the GSC and the remarkable work carried out over the past two years. 


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Header photo: The members of the IRENA Coalition for Action, at the Coalition for Action's annual strategy meeting on 16 January 2023 in the IRENA HQ in Abu Dhabi where Máté Heisz was appointed to the Steering Committee of the Coalition for Action.


Second photo: SolarPower Europe Director of Global Affairs and new chair of Global Solar Council, Máté Heisz, pictured with Gianni Chianetta, CEO of Global Solar Council at 13th IRENA General Assembly in Abu Dhabi.

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