SolarPower Europe elects new energy transition leaders

SolarPower Europe Press Release

6 April 2023

Thursday 6th April (Brussels, BELGIUM): At SolarPower Europe’s annual general meeting, elections were held to appoint key members of the Board, including the President, two Vice-President positions, and two members of the Board of Directors. 


Following a vote of SolarPower Europe membership, in accordance with our statutes, the following candidates were appointed to the Board:


President of SolarPower Europe

  • Aristotelis Chantavas, Enel Green Power (re-election)


Vice-Presidents of SolarPower Europe

  • Jochen Hauff, BayWa r.e. 
  • Alexandra Sombsthay, Akuo 


Members of the Board of Directors of SolarPower Europe

  • Stefanie Alexander, RWE Renewables
  • Jörg Ebel, IBC Solar


During the meeting of membership, a further vote was taken to reinforce SolarPower Europe’s longstanding climate advocacy efforts. SolarPower Europe’s statutes – the foundation that instructs the work of the Association – now include the formal support commitment to 'fully support the EU Green Deal objective of Climate Neutrality and a Net Zero economy in Europe'. Specifically, they include a commitment to 'work toward a 100% renewable, fossil-free energy system, by 2040'.


The SolarPower Europe Board of Directors is made up of 15 representatives of companies within SolarPower Europe’s membership, including 1 President, 3 Vice-Presidents, and 11 Directors. Each representative serves a three-year term. Acting as energy transition leaders, the Board sets SolarPower Europe’s high-level strategy, and empowers the SolarPower Europe team to translate the strategy into action.


Aristotelis Chantavas, President of SolarPower Europe said: “European solar is entering a new era. Solar is more in demand than ever, and citizens and policymakers are counting on us to deliver climate neutrality and energy security. It's a great honour to be re-elected as President of SolarPower Europe, and to be able to continue building the solar foundation of the new European energy system.”


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Photo (L-R, Front Row; Back Row): Vice-President of SolarPower Europe, Jochen Hauff, BayWa r.e.; President of SolarPower Europe, Aristotelis Chantavas, Enel Green Power; Member of the Board of Directors of SolarPower Europe, Jörg Ebel, IBC Solar; Vice-President of SolarPower Europe, Alexandra Sombsthay, Akuo; Member of the Board of Directors of SolarPower Europe, Stefanie Alexander, RWE Renewables

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