SolarPower Europe launches landmark floating solar report

7 December 2023

  • Floating PV is a growing solar solution, which sees solar panels installed on a floating system or structure, on an inland or marine water body.
  • SolarPower Europe have launched the landmark ‘Floating PV Best Practices Guidelines’ to support the growing interest in the technology.



BRUSSELS, Belgium (Thursday, 7 December 2023): The solar sector, policymakers, and all energy actors now have a new tool to support the growing interest in floating PV. 

Floating PV Best Practice Guidelines Version 1.0

Overview of the global and European floating PV market. Floating PV benefits. Guidance for project developers.

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Floating PV is beginning to emerge worldwide and is close to mainstream expansion. The report aims to catalogue best practices and expertise gained from these first projects. This publication serves as a first handbook to drive high-quality floating PV projects, by creating and strengthening floating PV knowledge sharing.


The report includes an overview of the floating PV market at the global and European level, floating PV benefits, guidance for project developers, global best practices, a detailed chapter on the technical application of floating PV, and a dedicated chapter on offshore solar.


Key recommendations to expand offshore solar include growing public support for offshore solar, and increasing EU research and innovation funding for the technology.


Lina Dubina, Policy Advisor for Sustainability at SolarPower Europe commented; “Solar growth is unparalleled, and we are working to achieve a minimum 750 GW EU target by 2030. With these guidelines, we’re outlining how floating PV can sustainably play a role in this growth, drive high-quality projects, and bring solar to new shores."

Within this report, over 30 experts from SolarPower Europe’s Land Use and Permitting Workstream have illustrated their knowledge of floating PV best practices through technical guidance and real-world examples. 


One example is a hybrid power plant developed by Amarenco in Montpezat d'Agenais, France, on the site of a former quarry. The project is composed of a ground-mounted project on land, and a connected floating PV plant on the water’s surface; it has a total installed capacity of 4.8 MW. This floating PV plant will save 250 tonnes of CO2 every year. 


The Floating PV Best Practices report was launched at the Sustainable Solar Europe event in Brussels. A joint offering from Intersolar Europe and SolarPower Europe , this annual event provides the solar community with an opportunity to discuss the most critical topics on solar sustainability,  and exchange best practices.

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