SolarPower Europe launches new Agrisolar Digital Platform

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22 June 2023


BRUSSELS, Belgium (Thursday 22nd June 2023): Farmers and solar developers now have two new tools to understand Agrisolar. 


SolarPower Europe’s Agrisolar Best Practice Guidelines offers a tailored scoring system to evaluate the performance of Agrisolar projects across agricultural, environmental, social, economic, and lifecycle quality criteria. The report also explores real-world examples of Agrisolar projects in the EU, including data on crop yield, water usage, land efficiency, biodiversity enhancement, and socioeconomic benefits. 

Agrisolar Best Practice Guidelines: Version 2

Evaluate the environmental benefits of your Agrisolar project. Discover real-world Agrisolar in action. Learn more about Agrisolar benefits for land, water, and soil.

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A new Agrisolar Europe platform creates a dedicated home for SolarPower Europe’s Agrisolar reports, events, and articles, drawing on the wealth of expertise from over 250 members of our Land Use & Permitting Workstream. The freshly-launched platform acts as a one-stop shop for farmers and developers to understand and maximise the potential of Agrisolar solutions.

Access the new Agrisolar Europe site here.


Lina Dubina, Policy Advisor on Sustainability at SolarPower Europe said, “Farmers have always been in the business of capturing energy from the sun. From crops, herds, and flocks – the next step now includes solar energy. Agrisolar helps farmers decarbonise, reduce water consumption, and save money on energy bills. We’re proud to be empowering the agricultural and energy sectors in their Agrisolar journey.”

Combining solar energy generation and agriculture, Agrisolar is a key solution to competition for land, as well as energy and water crises. The popularity of Agrisolar is growing across Europe, with 14 EU Member States having already incorporated solar PV under their Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plans.

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